Bachelor Degree From

Print the application form.

Number Document Number Article
1 F-QP-RG-02-001 Student Report Form (Bachelor)
2 F-QP-RG-02-002 Application Form for Waiver of Reporting Document
3 F-QP-RG-02-003 Education Information Request (Undergraduate)
4 F-QP-RG-02-004 Ask for a break (Undergraduate)
5 F-QP-RG-02-005 Student registration request (Undergraduate)
6 F-QP-RG-02-006 Resignation request (Undergraduate)
7 F-QP-RG-02-007 Request for re-enrollment (Undergraduate)
8 F-QP-RG-02-008 Request for relocation (Undergraduate)
9 F-QP-RG-01-009 Application for transfer of faculty (Undergraduate)ปริญญาตรี)
10 F-QP-RG-01-010 Student Report Form (Master’s Degree)
11 F-QP-RG-02-011 Request for educational information. (Graduate)ศึกษา)
12 F-QP-RG-02-012 Request for a leave of absence (Graduate)
13 F-QP-RG-02-013 Student registration request (Graduate)
14 F-QP-RG-02-014 Resignation request (Graduate)
15 F-QP-RG-02-015 Request for reinstatement (Graduate)
16 F-QP-RG-02-016 Request for relocation (Graduate)
17 F-QP-RG-02-017 Petition change (Graduate)
18 F-QP-RG-02-018 Application for change of study plan (Graduate)
19 F-QP-RG-02-020 Request for extension of study certificate (Graduate)(ระดับบัณฑิตศึกษา)
20 F-QP-RG-02-021 Request for service (Graduate)
21 F-QP-RG-02-022 Request for registration (special case)
22 F-QP-RG-02-023 The application for registration is over or under the regulations. (Undergraduate)
23 F-QP-RG-02-024 Application for re-enrollment or substitute (Undergraduate)
24 F-QP-RG-02-025 Request to change group (Undergraduate)
25 F-QP-RG-02-026 Application Form for Audit (Bachelor)
26 F-QP-RG-02-027 Application for Thesis / IS (Graduate)
27 F-QP-RG-02-028 Application Fee (Graduate)
28 F-QP-RG-02-029 Application Form (Graduate)
29 F-QP-RG-02-030 Application for registration in another institution (Graduate)
30 F-QP-RG-02-031 Application for Registration (Graduate)
31 F-QP-RG-02-032 คำร้องขอลงทะเบียนเรียน เกินกว่า ต่ำกว่า
คำร้องขอลงทะเบียนเรียน เกินกว่า ต่ำกว่า กำหนดในระเบียบ ฯ (ระดับบัณฑิตศึกษา)
32 F-QP-RG-02-033 Request to change group (Graduate)
33 F-QP-RG-02-034 Special request for late registration (Graduate)
34 F-QP-RG-02-035 Application Form (Graduate)
35 F-QP-RG-02-036 Application for re-enrollment or substitute tuition (in case of lower than B grade)
36 F-QP-RG-02-037 Application Form Registration Form
37 F-QP-RG-02-038 Registration Form (Undergraduate)
38 F-QP-RG-02-042 Request for Transfer of Study Results / Transfer of Results Undergraduate
39 F-QP-RG-02-043 Document No. 1 (Attachment for Transfer Undergraduate)
40 F-QP-RG-02-044 Document No. 2 (Attachment for Transfer Undergraduate)
41 F-QP-RG-02-045 Document No. 3 (Attachment of Complaint Undergraduate)
42 F-QP-RG-02-046 Petition Graduate School
43 F-QP-RG-02-047 Application for Transfer (Document No. 1 graduate)
44 F-QP-RG-02-048 Attachment for transfer (Graduate Document No. 2)
45 F-QP-RG-02-049 Attachment for transfer (Document No. 3 graduate)
46 F-QP-RG-02-050 Application for Graduation Undergraduate (slow)
47 F-QP-RG-02-051 Application for Graduation Graduate level
48 F-QP-RG-02-054 Request for a Certificate of Education
49 F-QP-RG-02-055 Password verification request
50 F-QP-RG-02-056 Proxy
51 F-QP-RG-02-057 Notification of sending educational documents by mail
52 F-QP-RG-06-004 Offer curriculum review
53 F-QP-RG-06-005 The proposed revised curriculum is based on a five-year improvement cycle based on the standard framework of higher education.