Visual Arts

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Visual Arts

Manage teaching in 5 major subjects

  1. Painting major [Painting]
  2. Major in Sculpture [sculpture]
  3. Major in Graphic Arts [Print]
  4. Major in Thai art [Thai art]
  5. Major in Multimedia Arts [Multimedia Arts]
General qualifications of those who wish to study further
  1. A person who has completed a high school education or equivalent Or vocational certificate level [vocational certificate]
  2. Being a student / student studying in the upper secondary level at grade 6 or equivalent Or vocational certificate level [vocational certificate]. There must be a certificate from the school / institution confirming that they can graduate in the end
  3. Being a person with good behavior and the body is not an obstacle to education
Qualifications of the Department of Visual Arts
  1. Interested in visual arts such as painting / artworks / prints / Thai art / digital art / line drawing / art elements
  2. Is a person who does not have the problem of capital in the purchase of materials and equipment in education such as color, paper and equipment, creation of works etc.