Performing Arts

Bachelor of Fine and Applied Arts Program in Performing Arts

Manage teaching in 4 major subjects as follows

  1. Major subject of Thai dance [Thai Dance]
  2. Major subjects in traditional dance [Folk Dance]
  3. Western dance masterpieces [Ballet]
  4. Major in Drama Arts [Dramatic Arts]
General qualifications of those who wish to study further
  1. Is a person who has graduated in high school or equivalent or a professional certificate level [vocational certificate]
  2. Is a student / student currently studying in the upper secondary level at grade 6 or equivalent or vocational certificate level [vocational certificate]
  3. Is a person with good behavior and the body is not an obstacle to education
Qualifications of the Performing Arts Department
  1. Interesting in performing arts such as Thai classical dance / Western dance / Traditional dance / drama and film or other performing arts
  2. There is no funding problem. In the purchase of learning materials and equipment such as makeup, dress and accessories, creation of works, etc.