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“Fine and Applied Arts creates the nation and develops human societies”


          Faculty of Arts Mahasarakrm university It is the hub of the arts of ASEAN. Or CLMV countries (Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam) and Node  of education, research, creative and exchange. Learn the art of Isaan and Thailand. Related to CLMV Fine Arts.


          1. Create graduates in arts and sciences that are capable of both academic and practical standards of national and international fine arts standards as well as graduates who have the ability to manage. And presenting fine arts associated with the world of fine arts with science. To create national and social development with moral, ethical and responsible responsibility to the public at all levels.

          2. It is a center for the production, research and creation of fine arts. Both basic and applied research and creative research. For development It focuses on process, product and pass on knowledge, concepts, theories and findings from research and creative arts. Other arts and the general public.

        3. Provide services and develop community and society at all levels. Use of knowledge and methodology in fine arts. To enhance the community and society to be strong and self-reliant.

          4. Protect, preserve, restore, study, understand and disseminate fine arts and culture of Thailand. Both local and national level, integrated with the arts and culture. And the current social culture is appropriate. And build up the youth’s consciousness. And people in today’s society are aware of the importance of art and culture along the way.

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