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Strategic and Corporate Values

Corporate Values

PROUND  (PROUND to be Fine and Applied Arts)

  • P (Proactive Work ) : Professional, Careful, Conscientious, Conscientious, Reasonable
  • R (Result Oriented )  : Commit to the same destination.
  • O (Ownership ) : Home ownership and pride in science and art
  • U (Unity) :Teamwork: Unity And the one. For the arts
  • D (Devotion Communication) : Effective communication: Art as a message through creative and effective media.


Strategy 1 : Produce quality graduates under management of modern curricula according to national and international quality and standards. They are ready to go to the ASEAN community and the world community.

Strategy 2 : Research to build knowledge and develop innovative value-added or community-based innovations.

Strategy 3 : is the center of learning and academic service in the arts in society in the Northeast.

Strategy 4: Promote the utilization of cultural capital, customs and local wisdom for sustainable use. And blend national and international culture.

Strategy 5: Develop effective management system. And enhance the governance of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts.

Strategy 6: Promote the image of the Faculty of Fine Arts to be accepted. And develop into a universal school.

Strategy 7: Develop a School for Green Universities and the Environment